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You can make a significant impact on our riders by sponsoring one of our therapy horses, and making sure he or she receives exceptional care all year long and stays in top shape for lessons. It costs an average of $4,000/year to provide well-care for each of the horses in our herd. Sample annual horse well-care expenses include:

  • de-worming, $50

  • saddle fitting, $50

  • veterinary care, $50

  • clothing, $125

  • grain, $250

  • dental care, $250

  • bedding, $350

  • supplements, $400

  • farrier care/shoes, $750

  • hay, $800


You can Sponsor-a-Horse at the following levels:

  • Full Year Adoption, $4,000

  • Half Year Adoption, $2,000

  • Three Month Adoption, $1,000


As a horse sponsor, you will be recognized on our website, receive an annual update on your horse, and have the opportunity to come visit him or her personally. If you would like to sponsor a specific horse, please make a note below and we will do our very best to accommodate your request.

To learn more about the horses currently in need of sponsorship, visit the Horses of NVTRP page!

Donations can be made via check made payable to NVTRP and mailed to 6429 Clifton Rd., Clifton, VA 20124 or via credit card online here. Contact Development Director Wendy Baird at or (703) 764-0269.

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