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They assist riders, help take care of horses, maintain the barn, build beautiful gardens, photograph special events, raise funds for important programs, and serve on the Board of Governors. Without the collective effort and skills of these dedicated and hardworking Individuals, NVTRP would simply not exist. We are grateful to all who give NVTRP their time, energy, and talent. There are several ways in which you can volunteer:

Help with Lessons and Horse Care

The majority of volunteers at NVTRP participate in lessons and horse care. Lessons are held every afternoon and several mornings throughout the week and horse care takes place twice a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Volunteers work directly with the riders during lessons either by providing support as sidewalkers walking next to the riders throughout the lesson or as horse leaders helping to safely guide our horses during lessons. Our volunteer team also participates in all aspects of daily horse care ensuring that our horses are happy, healthy and ready for lessons.

Volunteers are asked to commit to one day per week (approximately 2 to 4 hours) for at least one full 12 week session; volunteers can start mid-session. Scheduling is flexible and our team is happy to create a volunteer schedule that works for you. Regular attendance creates a special bond between our volunteers, riders and horses.

Volunteer Responsibilities and Requirements

  • Be at least 14 years of age. All volunteers over 18 will complete a background check with NVTRP.

  • Attend an Intro Volunteer Training. No horse experience required.

  • Commit to a consistent volunteer schedule.

  • Be able to walk, jog short distances, and assist riders for at least 50 minutes during lessons.

  • Follow NVTRP safety procedures and be able to work independently with little to no supervision

  • Help fellow volunteers and staff with all aspects of horse care including grooming, stall, mucking and feeding


Events / Fundraising / Administrative/ Other Volunteer Opportunities

NVTRP welcomes your skills, experience and interests! Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited, to helping with fundraising, events, behind the scenes in our office, and with the care of our gardens and property are important to program’s success.

How to Get Started

​1. Complete the Volunteer Inquiry Form

2. NVTRP Volunteer Coordinator will contact you by email to discuss the information provided in the link above.


If you are a Boy or Girl Scout looking to do your final project, NVTRP may have something that
meets the qualifications for your project and helps others in the community

For more information please email Kenna Mauro at


There are many organizations, teams and clubs that have donated both their time and resources by holding a corporate or group workday at NVTRP.

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