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NVTRP offers special sessions for recovering military service members and veterans. These lessons are a mixture of therapeutic riding and equine-assisted learning and focus on the participants relationship-building with the horse, which allows for healing in many ways. Horses are non-judgmental partners who thrive on positive relationships and teamwork. Working with horses requires clear, confident communication; a calm, focused intention; and being physically active and outdoors. All of these and are essential to helping recovering military service members and veterans adapt to the world out of service or home with family again. Other benefits of NVTRP are the warm, welcoming staff and volunteers and the tranquil nature of the environment which helps these individuals continue to return to this new situation and create bonds with humans as well as horses.

Our military servicemen and women work long hours and spend extended periods of time away from their families in order to protect our country and others who are less fortunate around the world. The sacrifices they make while fighting for our freedom allow us to enjoy the way of life to which we’ve grown accustomed. In return, and with the help of our generous donors, NVTRP is able to provide equine assisted services free of charge to military participants.

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