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Construction Kick-Off Celebration

NVTRP Celebrates Kick-Off of Construction of the Jean & Ric Edelman Indoor Riding Arena and Dedication of the Trefry Outdoor Riding Arena

On Saturday, June 8th, 2019, NVTRP donors and special friends gathered to celebrate the long-awaited kick-off of the construction of the Jean & Ric Edelman Indoor Riding Arena and dedication of the Trefry Outdoor Riding Arena.

Executive Director Kelsey Gallagher paid tribute to Jacque Trefry’s remarkable legacy of service to NVTRP. A few years after NVTRP’s founding in 1980, Jacque emerged as a leader among the volunteers running our fledgling organization. She served as a sort of volunteer Executive Director, getting us more organized and taking us to a new level of operation.

Jacque and her beloved pony IG, who was a fixture in lessons, devoted themselves fully and selflessly to helping children with disabilities thrive by riding and working with horses. Jane Steele and Theresa Meade, Jacque’s colleagues, remember her as “a bundle of unstoppable energy,” and “a spitfire and proper lady rolled into one.”

Two years ago, Jacque’s dedication to NVTRP took on a new form when she and her husband General (R) Richard Trefry made an exceptionally generous donation to the building project. “I understand how much that indoor arena means,” Jacque shared, “It was always such a struggle trying to work around the weather. You really need it, and the kids need it. It’s a joy for me and Richard to help make it happen.”

Jacque gives special credit to Jane Steele. “When our young program desperately needed big strong volunteers, “little Jane” responded. I soon realized “little Jane” was one Giant Volunteer. She became my right hand, and together we traveled to the Cheff Center in Michigan for a month to become the program’s first certified therapeutic riding instructors.”

Jean Edelman, who is an NVTRP Board member and together with her husband Ric has donated over $800,000 to the project, shared with guests her passion for connecting people and horses. “There’s real magic that happens out here between the riders and horses, and we need to make more of that. At NVTRP, we are so fortunate to have a strong team of staff and volunteers; now we will have the space we need to offer countless new life-changing opportunities to our riders and clients.”

Other special guests included Supervisor Pat Herrity, who congratulated NVTRP for our vision and tenacity in making the project happen, parents of two NVTRP riders, who shared inspirational stories about how the new facility will benefit their children, and Teddy, the miniature horse, who delighted in extra attention from his adoring fans.

Construction of Phase II, the Jean & Ric Edelman Indoor Riding Arena will begin this summer.

We are now focused on completing our $1 million “Final Stretch Campaign.” To date, we have raised just shy of $4.4 million, towards an anticipated cost of $6 million for the full project, including Phase Three, the construction of the new 20-stall barn. This funding will minimize the financing needed to complete Phase Two, the completion of the indoor arena, and let us work towards building the barn.

Time is of the essence, since we can realize multiple efficiencies and cost savings by completing Phases Two and Three at the same time. To learn more about ways to support the project, including naming opportunities, please click here, or contact Development Director Wendy Baird at

You can follow us on Facebook at Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program to keep current on the building project and growing excitement.

Photo Credits: Sydney Sawyer Photography


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