NVTRP offers special sessions for recovering military service personnel. These lessons are a mixture of riding and ground work and focus on the participants' relationship-building with the horse, which allows for healing in many ways.

Our military servicemen and women work long hours and spend extended periods of time away from their families in order to protect our country and others who are less fortunate around the world. The sacrifices they make while fighting for our freedom allow us to enjoy the way of life to which we’ve grown accustomed.

In addition to the dangers faced during combat, military service members are at risk for mental health problems such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression and substance abuse.

We are honored to partner with a local military installation to provide therapeutic riding services to active duty service members who are recovering from substance abuse issues, PTSD and other mental illnesses. Patients come from all branches of the military, from across the US and deployments around the world, to work on getting healthy again.

As part of their treatment, patients enjoy the chance to ride and care for a horse at NVTRP on our tranquil 17-acre property. Their comments illustrate the powerful impact of these experiences.

Asked about the biggest challenge of the experience, one rider answered “leaving my house,” highlighting the many demons patients are struggling to overcome.

100% of the 52 NVTRP military riders surveyed said “yes” the riding session benefited their mental health. One shared “It helped me see that there is more to life than drinking and depression.” Another commented “It was nice to get a distraction from treatment to come here. It made me feel good.”

Asked about the best part of their time at NVTRP, riders mentioned: “The calming effect it had on me.” “It was awesome. I was able to get out of myself which was good for my diagnosis.” “If you’re afraid or have fear in your life, bonding with the horse helps overcome that fear.” “The best coping I have had for PTSD.” And, last, but certainly not least, “Very relaxing, takes you to a happy place.”

A special thank you to the following major funders who give recovering military service personnel the chance to experience moments of peacefulness and hopefulness by riding at NVTRP.

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