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Thank You for Supporting NVTRP's Corona Response Fund!

Updated: May 18, 2020

During this unprecedented time, NVTRP is beyond grateful for the additional support we have received in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your donations and words of encouragement for our staff, riders and horses mean so much and provide that extra boost of motivation to ensure that our tradition of excellence continues. Thank you!


* "Be well all and thanks for all you are doing for those who need a helping hand in life." -Charles Adams

* "This, too, shall pass! Hang in there everyone and stay healthy." -Karen McNamara

* "This donation is so small in comparison to the love and gratitude that I have for all my fellow volunteers, the excellent staff who patiently has taught me so much, our beautiful horses, and most of all our awesome riders, I miss you all!" -Sharon Sheehy

* "For the staff, good luck and hang in there. We will be happy to return and help." -Rebecca Huppert

* "It is such a joy for me to work with the staff and volunteers and clients. I enjoy learning so much about how this program helps others while even being a form of therapy for me as a volunteer. My friends and siblings know how much this program means to me." -Cleo Irvin

* "Despite current conditions, keep up the great work!" -Alec Levy

* "Volunteering at NVTRP has been my therapy. Returning the favor this way helps until I can return to the farm. Keep strong and stay healthy." -Jack Sims

* "You got this!" -Rob Hardman

*"You all are an inspiration to so many people! Thank you for the services you provide! Looking forward to soon seeing photos of riders & their horses! God bless all of you." -Susan & Bob Baldassari

*"This program will always survive! Keep charging ahead!" -Mary Beth Carroll

*"Thank you for all you do! Remember, sunnier days are ahead!" -Anne Applin

*"We love how you are keeping in touch with the community- emails, FB posts, and especially Teddy Time!We miss y'all!(Finn especially misses Woody!!)"

-Phyllis Lovett

*"Be well!" -Jen Coon

*"Keep up the great work!" -Timothy Brown

*"I used to volunteer with you guys - the farm is my favorite place in the world. You guys make magic for these kids every day. Love you lots." -Kara Joyce

*"Let's hope the horses get back to business *soon* : )" -Angela Gregorits

*"Keep up the great work!" -Meredith Littleton

*"Please persevere; you are a lifeline to so many." -Sheila Clark

*"You folks are the salt of the earth. Bless you all." -Neil Fox

*"Hope is your strength." -Sharon Guthrie

*"Keep doing the incredible caring things that you're doing." -Tiffany Schad

*"Hang in there, we will all be riding together again at some point" -Miryam Levy

*"As a thanks to Ms. Rabatin for making & providing masks to prevent the COVID 19 virus." -Beth McAllister


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