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NVTRP to Build Jean and Ric Edelman Indoor Riding Arena

I'm thrilled to announce that we are moving forward this summer with building the Jean and Ric Edelman Indoor Riding Arena!

We finally have a building that Fairfax County approves and that we can afford. This is a HUGE milestone.

In another act of extraordinary generosity, Jean and Ric Edelman have issued a dollar-for-dollar $100,000 challenge grant for the building project.

We have until July 14th to meet this challenge, and have already raised $43,000 towards the challenge!

You can be part of the team of heroes that provides the final support needed to make year-round riding a reality by donating here or sending a check payable to NVTRP at 6429 Clifton Rd., Clifton, VA 20124. Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar by the Edelman challenge grant until July 14th.

Building Update

After the price increases at the end of last year, we negotiated with Fairfax County to get to a building design that satisfied their requirements and had a more reasonable cost. We ended up adding sprinklers to the building, which took out some of the other requirements that were driving up the price. We now have a safe building that will be easier to maintain and that we can afford.

Fairfax County has approved the building permit for this updated design.

We have also secured additional financing with our bank, John Marshall Bank. Given the uncertain economic environment, our Board of Directors developed very conservative financial models in projecting our ability to pay down our line of credit. We are confident in our ability to manage the payment and will continue fundraising to minimize the use of financing.

The wheels are already in motion with Trinity Construction, our general contractor. We will start construction August 17th so we can hold our summer session and camps at home at O'Shaughnessy Farm and then move some of the horses to Rocky Top for the fall session there.

Getting here has been a true team effort, involving our building committee, volunteers, donors, riders and rider families, and staff. Your flexibility, perseverance, and continued belief in the need for and transformative power of this project have made this milestone possible.

Congratulations and thank you!

Kelsey Gallagher

Executive Director


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