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Greg Pellegrino Excellence Award to Honor Military Personnel

This past April our community suffered a tragic loss when Greg Pellegrino passed away of a heart attack. Greg was a board member at NVTRP and the executive affairs branch leader at Deloitte.

Recognizing Greg’s deep commitment to our country’s service men and women, NVTRP established the "Greg Pellegrino Excellence Award" which will be presented annually to a military client who has demonstrated excellence in pursuing both their own recovery and the advancement of the NVTRP community.

We were honored to present the inaugural award at this year's Polo Classic to NVTRP military client Carol Baillie.

Carol is an 8-year veteran of the United States Coast Guard. She has been involved with NVTRP for 2 years now after first coming to the farm with the Wounded Warrior Project. She participates in both our therapeutic riding and equine-assisted learning programs each week.

Carol has been a true champion for NVTRP; from participating in our Equines and Recovering Service Members and Veterans webinar to sharing her story during PTSD Awareness month.

She loves to share with others how equine-assisted services are helping in her recovery.

Thank you, Carol, for being such an inspiration and for all you do for NVTRP!


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