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Build to Thrive Update - April 2018

The construction excitement continues at O’Shaughnessy Farm at NVTRP!

Thanks to the mild winter, progress has continued largely uninterrupted since mid-January. The site of the indoor riding ring has been brought to grade and the dirt compacted so that it is ready for the building above it.  You can see the graded site in the photo above and the map provides a fuller sense of the emerging layout of the property.

At the end of March, the construction team started grading the area of the new outdoor riding ring. Located away from the road, this space will provide a safer experience for riders and equines alike. You can click here to glimpse this activity.

We are so grateful to the Spenard and Martin families for generously housing the herd through the winter at no cost to NVTRP. Our good fortune continues! Jolanda Janczewski, owner of Barranda Ridge, LLC, has agreed to house the entire herd through the end of Phase I, estimated to be the end of June. Lessons are continuing during this time. Huge thanks to our riders and volunteers for their flexibility.

Fundraising for Phases II, the completion of the indoor riding arena, and III, the new barn, very much continues. We have multiple, significant funding requests outstanding and look forward to keeping you posted on our progress. To learn more or donate you can visit our website.


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